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While the world’s first fully-robotic farm will operate indoors, traditional outdoor farms aren’t immune to the coming robotic revolution. Bonirob, developed by Bosch's Deepfield Robotics, is billed to eliminate some of the most tedious tasks in modern farming, plant breeding, and weeding. The autonomous robot is built to be a mobile plant lab, able to [...]

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What’s Funny About The Business Of Monkeys Picking Coconuts?

If you've consumed coconut oil or coconut meat lately, there's a reasonable chance it was imported from Thailand. And if it was, there's an even better chance the farmer who grew that coconut had a monkey fetch it from a tall tree. Thailand has been raising and training pigtailed macaques to pick coconuts for around [...]

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Production Glitches Dampen the Prospects of Neera

KOCHI:It has been over one year since the State Government launched the commercial sale of Neera, the unfermented coconut inflorescence sap. However, the non-alcoholic drink is yet to ‘tap’ its full potential in the Gods Own Country, due to low production and shortage of tappers. According to officials of the Coconut Development Board (CDB), of [...]

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Neera Can Cure Liver Disease

Neera can cure liver disease, says study A study has found that Neera, a product manufactured from coconut palms, can be used in the treatment of liver diseases. The study was conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The study instills hope in both patients with liver disease as well as coconut cultivators. Neera [...]

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Thai Coconut gears up for $18.41m IPO this year

Thai Coconut Plc, one of Thailand’s coconut product leaders, is planning to issue 150 million shares in a bid to raise 600 million baht ($18.41 million) through its initial public offering (IPO). The IPO is expected to be launched during the second half of this year. The shares offered during the IPO will be equivalent to 27 per cent [...]

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Brits are going nuts for coconut oil

Consumers are apparently going nuts for coconut oil, the edible oil derived from the flesh and kernel of mature coconuts, it has emerged. Whole Foods, the high street grocer specialising in healthy and organic produce, had its strongest ever month for coconut oil sales last month. The retailer sold six tons of coconut oil across [...]

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Growing More with Less: Feed the Future and Water

You’ve probably heard us say this before: To meet a growing demand for food from a growing population, we need to increase agricultural productivity by up to 60 percent by 2050. A growing population also means more demand for water. Water to grow and raise food. Water to drink. Water for sanitation. Water for energy. [...]

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Global water supplies are ‘in distress’, scientists warn

More than a third of the world’s biggest aquifers, a vital source of fresh water for millions, are “in distress” because human activities are draining them, according to satellite observations. Scientists from Nasa, the US space agency, and the University of California, Irvine, analysed 10 years of data from the twin Grace satellites, which measure [...]

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Scientists Discover the Genes for Supersizing Fruit

In a paper published in Nature Genetics, scientists trace the size of tomatoes to a set of genes that govern stem cells in the growing tip of the plant, called the meristem. The bigger the meristem, the bigger the resulting tomato. Normally, two genes balance the growth of the meristem: WUSCHEL makes it grow and [...]

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