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CDB Inst to launch flavoured coconut juice

After Neera and other value added products, it is now the turn of coconut juice to hit the market as a ready-to-drink beverage. Developed by CDB Institute of Technology, the flavoured coconut juice will soon be made available within the next six months. The product has been well received during test marketing, a senior official [...]

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From Zero to Coco-Nuts

Vita Coco, the leader in the US and the UK with a majority market share, is credited as the creator of the coconut water market. The independently owned brand originated in Brooklyn a decade ago, when co-founders Ira Lira and Michael Kirban struck up a conversation with two Brazilian women in a bar. Soon after [...]

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A Seismic Shift in How People Eat

IT’S easy to make fun of people in big cities for their obsession with gluten, or chia seeds, or cleanses. But urbanites are not the only ones turning away from the products created by big food companies. Eating habits are changing across the country and food companies are struggling to keep up. General Mills will [...]

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Dwarf coconut trees may fetch huge profits

PANAJI: The coconut tree has been tapped for heady liquor, feni and water as an energizing health drink, but sourcing it additionally for 'nira' or converting it into sugar, healthy even for diabetics, promises to revolutionize coconut farming in Goa. A few thousands of dwarf variety of coconut saplings have already been planted in some [...]

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Expert System for Coconut

Coconut water is a refreshing drinks which also hygienic and nutritive. The white flesh is a calories rich extensively used for cookery in South India. From grated wet coconut kernel good quality oil as well as protein and carbohydrate can be extracted to prepare coconut honey. Undesirable flavour changes in desiccated coconut is due to [...]

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