Neera can cure liver disease, says study A study has found that Neera, a product manufactured from coconut palms, can be used in the treatment of liver diseases. The study was conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The study instills hope in both patients with liver disease as well as coconut cultivators. Neera will be mainly beneficial in liver diseases caused by alcohol consumption. The findings has found that liver diseases were completely cured by using Neera. The study team comprised Dr S Sandhya, scientist at the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry department of Indian Institute of Science, Dr M. Ratheesh, Assistant Professor in Bio Chemistry at Pala St. Thomas College and researcher Swenya P. Jose. Neera is the sap that comes out when the inflorescence of a coconut tree is cut. It also does not contain any alcohol. While it is pleasing to the tongue, Neera also ranks high in medicinal and nutritional value. Studies done earlier had proved that Neera is beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis, urinary problems and ashtma. Acetaldehyde, a poisonous substance, is deposited in the liver mainly due to liquor consumption. Neera’s ability to remove this poisonous product from the liver is now proved in the study. The enzymes in the liver convert alcohol to acetaldehyde. When this harmful chemical is deposited in large amounts, liver cells get destroyed. Alcohol consumption also increases oxidative stress. Kupfferr cells and stellate cells get stimulated. Some of the other problems that occur are inflammation of the liver and destruction of extra cellular matrix. Neera is a storehouse of amino acids, vitamins, calcium and iron. A 100 milli litre Neera pack contains 75 calories of energy, 250 milligrams of protein and 16 milligrams of sugar. Though sweet, Neera can be consumed even by diabetics as its glycemic index is low, says the study. It is also an excellent anti oxidant as it has vitamin E, C and B. The study also found out that Neera can increase the function of a normal liver too. Kidney cells damaged by alcohol consumption After treatment.