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Hybrids to get coconut industry modernization going.

The most immediate threat to the Philippine coconut industry is declining raw material supply. Almost all coconut oil mills are running below operating capacity and the prices of whole nuts, grated fresh coconut and buko in local markets are literally going through roof, all clear indications of dwindling supply. Strong typhoons like Yolanda, Pablo, and [...]

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DuPont Industrial Biosciences, ADM find “breakthrough process” for a “long-sought molecule”

In Delaware, DuPont Industrial Biosciences and Archer Daniels Midland announced a new breakthrough process in producing FDME from fructose, with “the potential to expand the materials landscape in the 21st century with exciting and truly novel, high-performance renewable materials”, the companies said in a joint release. You’ll love it. You’ll need it. You’ll want it. [...]

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The future of biofuels

In the efforts to decarbonize the transportation industry, vehicles with varying degrees of electrification get most of the attention. But liquid fuels will predominate a while longer thanks to the delivery infrastructure circling the globe, dispensing fuels that contain significantly more energy per kg than batteries. That leaves a gap for a clean liquid fuel which [...]

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Skiing Business recently had a Q&A with Gregory Hagguist and Duncan Edwards about turning coconut shells into a leading competitor in the breathable waterproof products. Here are some highlights: What makes Cocona “green”? The activated carbon particles that we use in our products come from recycled coconut shells. The food industry uses the meat and [...]

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